Saturday, March 6, 2010

Salfeld Child Control v10.324.0.0

Salfeld Child Control v10.324.0.0

Salfeld Child Control - the program limits the amount of time spent with your children on a computer
- as soon as the allotted time is finished, the computer automatically shut down and re-entry will be possible only after entering the password. Restrictions can be entered as the overall time (for example, no more than 1 hour a day) and over a period of time when you can work (for example, from 22:00 to 8:00 permission denied). In addition, the program allows you to prevent unwanted visits sites, as well as block access to certain drives and install a lock papkam.Mozhno launch of the programs and changes to the registry. The program keeps a log file of all events.

• Create user accounts for each user
• Limitation of time
• Turn off the computer or internet connection timer
• Defining the restriction on the number of hours spent on the Internet
• Filtering of unwanted content on the Internet
• Set time limit for each program separately
• Lock the important functions of the system
• Invisible mode program
• Đ•mail - notification of the computer
• Accounting for holidays, which may increase in hours of play the child at the computer
• Support for domain and workgroup

What's New in This Release:
· New! Internet Remote Control: Starting with Child Control 2009 you can modify the most important settings or view session logs directly on the Internet. No matter where you are. No matter which browser you are using. This feature is part of the Online Functions.
· Protect against MP3 downloads and file sharing
· There are increasing reports of legal actions taken to fight downloading of MP3's. The latest version lets you block today's latest file sharing programs with a single click.
· Block approximately one million objectionable websites
· We group about one million undesirable sites into nine categories, and make the updated list available each day.
· More control over programs
· Decide whether a program should be allowed, blocked, or restricted by time. Use either the name of the. Exe file or the application to designate these. You can now also restrict the use of certain programs at specific times-for example, no chat programs after 8:30 pm

Program Information
Title: Salfeld Child Control v10.324.0.0
Year: 2010
Platform: 2000/XP/2003/Vista / Windows 7
Language: English
Medicine: There
Size: 14.7 Mb


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