Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Stay Connected With Your Buddy List

    * Get status updates from your friends on Twitter and more.
    * Missing someone from your Buddy List? Find them easily with simple look up tools.
    * It's free! There is no subscription required

Keep Up With Your Friends
Get Status Updates On the Go

Does the thought of keeping up with all of your friends online feel like a second job? Get updates from your friends on AIM and other social networks, straight from your Buddy List and Buddy Info.

Find Your Buddies
Keep the Conversation Going
Know your friend's email but not their AIM Screen Name? Enter their email and we'll look up their Screen Name for you

Play Around With Plugins
Customize Your AIM Experience

What is a plugin? A plugin is an add-on to your software to expand its functionality. Our new AIM plugins allow you to add features to your Buddy List® window so you can watch videos, track your stocks, listen to music and more. Add as many as you like, just look for access at the bottom of your Buddy List.

In Love With Your Cell Phone?
Never Miss an IM
Your cell phone travels with you everywhere, so get your IMs on the go. Send IMs directly to your friends' cell phones using AIM and don't worry about wasting text messages. Forward messages to your cell phone when you go offline.

Express Yourself
Personalize Your IMs
Customize your Buddy List with your favorite color, find a new Buddy Icon and choose custom sounds. Check out the Expressions gallery to get started.

Other Cool Features:
Picture Share, Video Chat and much more!
Make your conversations come alive with Voice and Video Chat. Share your memories and important files with Picture Share. Save all of

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