Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recover lost bookmarks on Firefox

Today cool tip will help you to recover the lost bookmarks on Firefox. You can export the bookmarks folder to a specific folder or location using import and export option in Firefox. If you are new computer user, first you should learn about the importance and need of backup, because without backup yon can lose your favorite websites list any time due to any virus, power failure and hard disk problem.

So, what happen if your Firfox's bookmarks suddenly disappear? It is very frustrating and disappointing but don't worry, Firefox actually do this job for you to create automatic backup.

Follow the given steps to retrieve the lost bookmarks list:

Now go to your system C drive and navigate the following path "C:\Documents and Settings\your account name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\".

Under profiles folder, you will see a folder with random name, in our case this folder name is awrvfkuo.default.

Double click on awrvfkuo.default folder and you will see another folder with name "bookmarkbackups". Here is actual place where firefox store your bookmarks backup.

Now copy the all latest bookmarks detail and go up one level then past it.
Here rename the file to "bookmarks.html" and now your bookmarks should be restored.

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