Monday, March 15, 2010

Easy Button Creator 2.0 

Easy Button Creator is intended for easy creation of 3D buttons. It contains a wide variety of the shapes for creation unique buttons for the Web and presentations.
Program features:
  • creates 3D buttons on basis of prepared templates;
  • adds new templates to the list;
  • deletes selected templates from the list;
  • edits parameters of the button: shape, size, color, texture, ridge width;
  • edits caption parameters of the button: text, color, font, coordinates of the text, color and depth of a shade;
  • edits parameters of a light source: its coordinates and intensity;
  • creates a shade for the button with parameters: color and depth;
  • sets multi-state buttons (normal, highlighted, disabled, pressed);
  • copies created image to clipboard in BMP - format;
  • saves created image to GIF, BMP, PNG and JPEG - files;
  • generates HTML link
Download Easy Button Creator 2.0 [ZIP]

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