Friday, February 24, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Release

Virtually Everybody in possession of a BlackBerry PlayBook is anxiously waiting and anticipating the release of the new 2.0 Software that has been said will fix many of the issues that have plagued the PlayBook and add additional functionality to Research In Motion's tablet as well. Although no official date has been released to the public from Research In Motion itself many sources over the internet are saying that the release date of the new 2.0 software for the BlackBerry PlayBook is February 17th 2012.

With the release of the new 2.0 PlayBook software comes the integration of Android app support which will of course mean a whole new slew of applications that will be available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This will greatly help to fight one of the biggest complaints by consumers that there aren't near as many apps available for BlackBerry products as its rivals IOS, and Android. Beta testing revealed that these Android apps preformed great on the PlayBook in terms of graphical and functional aspects.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 will also see the addition of RIM's BlackBerry App World, with the experience being virtually seamless for the end user. PlayBook 2.0 will also allow you to create folders, it will have native email, calendar and contact support which will make for a very compelling upgrade package that should have been part of the original launch.

As an addition on top of the android support, and added apps that were missed the first time around, you will now have a video store that is powered by Rovi, where you will be able to download and rent TV shows and movies. These rented or bought shows will be able to be output at 1080p via HDMI, and can use this content on any other device running the roxio software. In addition you will have the ability to turn your BlackBerry Smartphone into a keyboard or mouse to navigate your BlackBerry PlayBook, using the BlackBerry Bridge Remote Control feature.

Docs to Go will also see an improvement coming with the release of the new PlayBook software 2.0. With the additional support to edit PowerPoint files, enhanced formula support, and the capability to embed images which will be unique features of the PlayBook it should create an incredible tablet not only for personal use but for business use as well.

All in All RIM clearly sees that they will need to pull up their socks and start to stay competitive in a market that demands such actions. It is clearly seen here with the upcoming release of the OS 2.0 for the PlayBook that RIM has finally stepped up their game, making it one step closer to filling in the hole they have unfortunately dug for themselves.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Satellite Television For Your Computer

Whenever you are online I bet that you can become amazed by the different things that you can find there. The speed and accuracy of the internet connections we all have is really amazing and the networking possibilities have enhanced our lives so much. In our day there is a lot of different information that we need to process and if it is all condensed into one area it is a lot easier for us to grasp and study. So, since we already know how useful our computers and laptops are, then why don't we understand that they can be the center of our lives?

We use television to get a lot of our news, entertainment, weather reports, and whatever else we need. But then we use our computer to transmit all of that information to our friends, family, relatives, and coworkers. Does it make since to separate the acquisition and eventual transmission of knowledge? Not to me it doesn't, so I am going to give you an alternative solution to this. You can look into getting television right on your personal computer or laptop. This makes a lot of things so much easier and hassle free because a laptop is portable and also everything is concentrated in one place so that you can do everything by clicking a few buttons without even moving from the spot you are in.

Satellite television is right now available on your very own personal computer and you might not have even known until just now. Well, you should get online and start looking for these kinds of tools so that you can always be the first one to get them and therefore get the best price and information on it all. This particular system has gone through over seven years of development, including three years of intensive testing and reworking in order to bring you with a completed and bug free product. The great thing about this is that it is not only convenient but it is also cheap. It is actually much cheaper than a lot of the other options that are available to you and plus it is much better for you and suits all your purposes so well that you will be wondering why you never had it before or how you could have ever lived without it. Once you have this amazing service you will definitely start to take it for granted just like you took the internet and television for granted separately but now you will realize that they can be even a lot better when they are put together into one entity that you can use quickly, efficiently, and easily.

Word of mouth is always the best kind of advertisement there is and if you ask around for your friends and see what they think of these you might even find that some of them have already discovered it. If this is true then you can always ask them what they think and how they like it. Remember that it does not require any extra equipment added to your computer so it is actually really simple for you to set up and use.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Know Your Computer Hardware – Compatibility Issues

Every computer company will invest in good hardware and software to get their business going and working well. Computer hardware is basically all the physical peripherals such as the keyboard, CPU, mouse, modem and other parts required in assembling a computer and gets it working. While on the other hand business software are programs that will increase the efficiency of the business and reduce work time. These could range from software used in accounting process, or human resources department for easy maintenance of data and processing. All these increased the output accuracy levels and add value to the company’s system, majority of who are IT companies. There are numerous companies that will queue up waiting to sell you their products for Computer Hardware & Business Software. These will normally have to be bought and installed to check their performance levels. Only few companies offer them on a trial basis so the client knows if this is the one for them or not.  But one needs to check if what is being offered is what they need, and if it will suit their style of operations.

While investing in Computer Hardware & Business Software, the client should be aware of their company norms, policies and budget provision. Some of this hardware might not be compatible with later computer models and so are of not much use. The IT companies should consult their technology department; have them discuss the pros and cons with the selling agents. For business software, the executives who will be operating it should be involved in the decision making. These have to be in line with the company’s operations, their client specifications and the final crux being if it adds value to the company. Some of the other issues being ,do they offer warranty and if they have a good reputed after sales service team who will attend to any issues in shortest span of time. The software installed should also be linked to work with other preexisting software in the systems and be user friendly.

For IT companies and consultants, the process of choosing and purchasing the right Computer Hardware & Business software is an important one as it determines the smooth functioning and performance level of their systems and people. The configurations of the system, the software that can be loaded are some factors to be considered before taking a decision to close the deal.


Keep Computer Data Backup Files In A Secure Location

You just cannot predict when something is going to go wrong with your computer or one of the files you have stored there, and when it does happen, any information you have stored is going to be lost, usually forever. It is always recommended that computer data backup files be kept separately where it can be recouped in event of loss.

Security for your computer data backup information may not always imply security from theft or intrusion. It may mean to protect it from similar damage that has affected your main file system. If you store backup files on the same computer hard drive as the original files, if something happens to the hard drive, your backup files will be lost as well.

Although you may believe that since you have not had a problem with your computer data backup is a waste of time. Just like wearing your seat belt. If you have never had a car accident, you probably still wear it just in case. There are numerous ways the information on your computer can be lost or corrupted, including system failure, and when that happens your life, as you know it, is lost.

What Files Need Backed Up And Where

Generally speaking, you should look at the information stored on your computer and determine which files cannot be recreated if destroyed or no longer accessible. The files you mark for computer data backup may include financial information, family photographs, music you bought and downloaded as well personal projects and email address books.

Whether you decided to use disks, CDs or another form of external device for computer data backup is not really important, rather making sure you will have the means to recover the files from that source available later on, is. Looking back a few shorts years, every computer has at least one drive for three and half inch floppy disks. Not anymore. If you backed up your information on your old computer with these disks and your new computer does not have that drive installed, your filed are still inaccessible.

You may also consider looking for online computer data backup services, where using a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) site, your files, which may include the entire content of your hard drive, can be transferred and securely stored for easy retrieval. Saving your files locally may work, but in event of a disaster could still be lost along with everything else.