Friday, February 24, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Release

Virtually Everybody in possession of a BlackBerry PlayBook is anxiously waiting and anticipating the release of the new 2.0 Software that has been said will fix many of the issues that have plagued the PlayBook and add additional functionality to Research In Motion's tablet as well. Although no official date has been released to the public from Research In Motion itself many sources over the internet are saying that the release date of the new 2.0 software for the BlackBerry PlayBook is February 17th 2012.

With the release of the new 2.0 PlayBook software comes the integration of Android app support which will of course mean a whole new slew of applications that will be available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This will greatly help to fight one of the biggest complaints by consumers that there aren't near as many apps available for BlackBerry products as its rivals IOS, and Android. Beta testing revealed that these Android apps preformed great on the PlayBook in terms of graphical and functional aspects.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 will also see the addition of RIM's BlackBerry App World, with the experience being virtually seamless for the end user. PlayBook 2.0 will also allow you to create folders, it will have native email, calendar and contact support which will make for a very compelling upgrade package that should have been part of the original launch.

As an addition on top of the android support, and added apps that were missed the first time around, you will now have a video store that is powered by Rovi, where you will be able to download and rent TV shows and movies. These rented or bought shows will be able to be output at 1080p via HDMI, and can use this content on any other device running the roxio software. In addition you will have the ability to turn your BlackBerry Smartphone into a keyboard or mouse to navigate your BlackBerry PlayBook, using the BlackBerry Bridge Remote Control feature.

Docs to Go will also see an improvement coming with the release of the new PlayBook software 2.0. With the additional support to edit PowerPoint files, enhanced formula support, and the capability to embed images which will be unique features of the PlayBook it should create an incredible tablet not only for personal use but for business use as well.

All in All RIM clearly sees that they will need to pull up their socks and start to stay competitive in a market that demands such actions. It is clearly seen here with the upcoming release of the OS 2.0 for the PlayBook that RIM has finally stepped up their game, making it one step closer to filling in the hole they have unfortunately dug for themselves.

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