Windows Ultimate Boot CD 3.1.10A (Tool to fix your computer) | 256MB

If you know anything about computers you know they crash and refuse to boot.
Boot this CD and get back in business FAST.

Reads and writes all MS file systems, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS.

If you think your system is really screwed up, I suggest you boot this CD and burn off your important files to CD before you do anything else. You can even attach a second slave drive and just copy your important files to this slave drive.

Experienced technicians will know how to use the utilities contained on this CD to repair the OS.

This CD will RESET windows passwords.

It even has networking capabilities to connect to the internet while using this boot CD. Runs Firefox.

EVERYTHING is included, virus scanners, burners, browsers, explorers, partition checkers, edit the registry, print pdfs, etc. to get you going again fast. Many utilities work just like you are in Windows XP. Too many utilities to mention.

This is an INDESPENSIBLE MUST HAVE for all you computer jocks.

This is a .iso file, download the THREE files, extract the rars, then burn to CD. I GUARANTEE it is BOOTABLE.

Download link: