Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clear Cookies Easy

Clear All Unwanted Cookies with a Single Click

As you surf the web, most websites send cookies to your computer to track your Internet usage. Most cookies are "good" cookies used for legitimate purposes, but some cookies are "bad". For example, cookies from one site might track your visits to different web sites to know your browsing habits, purchase history, etc.

Clear Cookies Easy is security software to wipe cookies clean off your computer and protect your privacy easily. It can purge all your browser cookies forever from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or remove cookies from a single website or domain name.

Clear Cookies Easy is right for you if you've got tired of deleting all your cookies when you want to clear the cookies of only one website. Remove cookies by domain name or part of a domain. For example, type "facebook" and click the "Delete Cookies" button to wipe all cookies from Welcome to Facebook | Facebook,, and all sites that contain the word "facebook".

Clear Cookies Easy is also useful if you have been banned from forums or monitored by websites with tracking cookies. It could purge All Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox cookies, guarding against websites from tracking your online activities or helping you get un-banned yourself in many forums or websites, all with a simple click of a button. 

Key Features

* Clear only unwanted cookies and keep the rest

* Easily and completely delete all Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies

* Clear stored website passwords or other stored site data of a given domain

* Prevent websites from tracing your online activities

* Perfect with Hide IP Easy


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