Monday, August 1, 2011

iPod Touch 5G Release Date, Price, and Features

iPod Touch 5G Release Date
There has been much speculation and rumors, but it looks like the iPod Touch 5G release will probably be around September 2011, remembering that iPod models tend to be released every year in September. Of course nothing official has been announced by Apple about the iPod Touch 5G release, as they tend to keep information about new releases secret from the public.

Expected iPod Touch 5G Features
Listed below are all the features expectations being predicted in discussions, speculation, and rumors running around the web.
Please do let us know which features you think will appear on the iPod Touch 5G.

Radio without Wi-Fi
Probably not. Apple wants people to use the App Store for apps, and one will find a great deal of radio apps there, and that would not go well with all the developers. Apple also seems to think that people would rather listen to their own music than a radio channel.

Better Camera
Yes, this is probably coming. Apple added the camera on the 4th generation, and it would make sense to get a better camera on the 5th generation, seeing as there’s rumors about a much better camera on the new iPhone 5.

It won’t be 3D cameras. The market for this is just not big enough, and with the crappy sensors in mobile devices that is not going to happen.

We’re hoping for 1080P and dual flash, but it probably will be single flash. There is no excuse not to have it able to capture 1080P video.

iPad-like 3G Micro SIM Card Service for iPod Touch 5G
Pretty doubtful, as that would make the gap between the iPhone and the iPod Touch much smaller, especially considering one can Facetime and use VoIP apps, so it would only eat away a larger portion of the iPhone market, and Apple earns more money per iPhone than per iPod Touch.

Built-in GPS for Maps and Other Services

Facetime Over 3G
This requires you to have a 3G connection, which I think we won’t see in a few more years, if ever.

Improved Retina Display
Just like the iPhone 5, the screen had better be upgraded on both devices. The huge screens on Android devices are very appealing, and some of them are almost the size of the entire iPhone 4!

Wireless Synch with iTunes on PC & Mac
There are high Possibilities for this, basically its also an iOS change, and they might make this available for 4th and 5th gen iPod Touch customers only.

Apple’s A5 Processor Chip with 256MB to 512MB RAM
Yes, definitely will be on board in order to reach required speed improvements.

HDMI Video Output with Mirroring Image

I don’t know why Apple hates HDMI out, but this likely will not be a feature.

More Video Formats and Download YouTube Videos

Not so sure about the later, but do not expect more format since Apple likes to control the formats, and they want you to use iTunes and iTMS for most of your media.

Apple iPod Touch 5G Price
The basics that we often see with updates around the iPod could include changes in price and storage space, along with a possible increase in iPod Touch battery life.

Now with the iPod Touch 4 price starting at $229 it will be easy to assume that the price may drop below $200 for smaller storage space iPods. This could possibly allow for a more bare bones version for a lower price, but this may end up decreasing the need for the newer iPod Nano versions.

At the same time, the maximum storage space offered in the iPod Touch may increase as well. The iPod Classic size got over 100GB in the later incarnations, and it is possible that the maximum iPod Touch storage size will double from its current 64GB.

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